The Secret Origin of Jesus Christ

Welcome, reader, to THE SECRET ORIGIN OF JESUS CHRIST, a book that tells the life story of Jesus of Nazareth as it has never been told before.

In every other "Life of Jesus," things just seem to happen. Events unfold without interpretation, and nothing is ever explained. So I decided to write the first "Life of Jesus" where everything is explained — the teaching, the miracles, even the resurrection.

Yes reader, I'm going to reveal the secret of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I really am! I’m going to tell you how Jesus rose from the dead.

And I won't be using vague language or evasive generalities. I'll be telling you exactly what happened, why it happened, and how it happened.

My name is Kirk Kimball. I'm a writer and a graphic artist, not an archeologist. I didn't find the answer to this great mystery in some ancient scroll. I just figured it out.

It took me several decades, but I finally figured it out. And in so doing, I became the first person in two thousand years to know THE SECRET ORIGIN OF JESUS CHRIST.

If you'd like to be next, read on...

Chapter One: The Mission

Jesus is walking with Joseph down a dirt path. After a long, hard day of construction work in the northern part of Galilee, they are returning home to Nazareth — a three-hour journey on foot.

Joseph customarily uses such times to teach his 13-year-old son about the ancient writings known as the Scriptures.

“Today,” Joseph says, “I want you to tell me about Jacob’s ladder.”

Jesus has been waiting for a question. “The Scriptures,” he replies eagerly, “say that Jacob dreamed of a ladder to heaven. The Lord stood at its top, and he said, ‘I give the land you are on to you and your descendants.’ And that land... is our land. Judea.”

“Yes. Our land... until the Romans came, with their soldiers, their taxes... and their gods. Jupiter, Mars, Diana, Venus, on and on. So foolish!”

“How do all those gods ever agree on what to do?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe they sit up in the clouds and spin a dreidel,” Joseph jokes.

“Wait until the Romans find out that the Lord our God is one God,” Jesus says with a smile.

“Blessed be his name!”

“Will the Romans ever leave us alone?” Jesus asks.

“Have faith! The Scriptures say that one day soon, we’ll be rescued by the Christ. And as you know, according to the prophecy of Micah, the Christ will come from Bethlehem.”

Joseph stops, turns, and places his hands on Jesus’ shoulders. “Son, it’s time I told you something very important. YOU were born in Bethlehem. And your birth was heralded by a star — things predicted of the Christ.”

“The Christ?”

“Yes. And because of these portents, King Herod thought a rival to him had been born. He ordered the death of every boy delivered in Bethlehem around that time. Your mother and I saved you by fleeing to Egypt. But the Egyptians are as bad as the Romans! So many gods... their chief god they call ‘Ra.’ And there’s over a hundred more. We couldn’t stay there.”

“Go on...”

“As soon as King Herod died, we came back to Nazareth­. But we were afraid Herod’s son might send men to kill you, so we kept your birthplace a secret and never told anyone, including you yourself.­”

“But why--”

“I’m telling you now because you just turned 13. You’re a man now, legally. And like me, you’re a distant relative of our great King David. Your mother and I thought you should know. But remember son, this is the secret of secrets! You must promise never to tell anyone.”

“I promise. I swear! I swear to...”

“No, son! Don’t swear. Just let your ‘yes’ mean yes, and your ‘no’ mean no. If a man’s word is true, he should never have to add anything more to it.”

“But how can I be the Christ?”

“Long ago,” Joseph replies, “We thought the Christ would be a mighty ruler, like King David. David and his descendents ruled us for so many years, we thought a member of David’s family would always arise to lead us.”

“Then the Romans came?”

“Then the Romans came. They practically enslaved us. And since no man can conquer the Romans, we now believe the Christ will be as powerful as the Lord God — he’ll be like the Lord’s son!”

“But how can I be the Lord’s son?”

“If we act in a way that is pleasing to God, we can ALL be children of the Lord.”

“What way is that?”

“You know. By not doing things to others that we would not want done to ourselves. By being a good person!”

“But isn’t the Christ supposed to appear in the sky on Judgment Day?”

“Yes. According to the prophecies, the Christ will sit at the Lord’s right side, clothed in power and glory, shining like the sun.”

“But dad...”

“Son, to be honest, I don’t understand it myself. We’re carpenters. Builders. We take wood and stone and make something new out of them. The priests and scribes understand these things much better than we do. I know it’s a lot to take in. We’ll talk more later. But now, we have to hurry home. Your mother is waiting for us! My dear Mary.”

Joseph and Jesus continue on down the dirt path until it joins the main road. Young Jesus is startled when he spots a squad of soldiers up ahead.

“Dad, look!” Jesus whispers, “Romans!”

“The reports we heard earlier must be true,” Joseph whispers, “There was an uprising in Sepphoris today. We have to be careful. Just keep walking. Say nothing. Bupkis!”

The Roman soldiers eye the two men suspiciously as they pass by, but take no action. Joseph and Jesus continue walking — until, just outside the city of Sepphoris, they come upon a scene so outrageously brutal, its ghastly memory will traumatize them both for the rest of their lives.


Not one, not three, but hundreds. Perhaps more.

They line the road around Sepphoris, reaching as far as the eye can see — and nailed to every cross is a recently-crucified man, covered in blood, writhing in pain, slowly dying.

The Secret Origin of Jesus Chris

End of Chapter One excerpt.

The Secret Origin of Jesus Christ